School Projects?

I LOVE school projects!

A teacher just showed me these awesome student projects for her class. Very cool.

Thanks, Mrs. Billings. You and your kids rock!


I know what you’re thinking: I haven’t posted lately.  That’s because I’m writing. *  But every once in a while, I think, “Oh, Yeah.  I have a web page.”

So the basic scoop is:

  • Edu article– is live. “Prepare a Game Plan”–coaching high schoolers to read more difficult texts.   It’s available here, but you’ll have to join ILA.  If you’re a teacher, it’s definitely worth it.  Great resources for reading and writing at all levels.
  • Edu book–proposal submitted.  Working on step two of three.  Academic writing has several review steps.
  • New YA Book 1–in revision mode. Hopefully completed by early summer.
  • New YA Book 2–in writing mode.  Current word count: 11,500.  Much more to go. Plan to finish first draft by April.
  • Special Projects 1&2–in planning stages. Working around multiple schedules to make these come together.

So, you see?  I’m not slacking.  If you want more current status updates, connect on instagram, twitter, etc.

*and teaching, grading, training for an endurance race, being a dad and stuff