Upcoming Events:

  • Authors and Audiences.     April 18, 2015.  Kent Public Library, Camden, Delaware. 1-3pm
  • School Visit: Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences. June 1, 2015.  Georgetown, DE.

I do several visits a year.  Since I teach also, I try to keep it to no more than 10 out-of-class days.  But nights, weekends, and summers are good as well.

seaford lib poster

In person visits: Classroom, school-wide, teacher inservice, library, and special events.  Subjects are flexible to fit your needs, but the most common have been: Motivating Readers (student and teacher versions), Writer’s Process (with emphasis on revision, research etc), Writing Workshops (activities to spark creativity and development), and Contests (see below for Text Race promo poster).

Skype visits are available as well.

Contact me for more information.

Norfolk Lit Festival    text race 2010

 may 30 poster dover

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