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Aside from writing for teens, I teach writing to teens in Georgetown, Delaware, where I live with my wife, three kids, and too many pets. (Sometimes the pets can be critical of my writing.)

30 second Bio:
I grew up in Millsboro, Delaware, about 20 miles from the beach.
I graduated from University of Delaware in 1988.
Taught in Vineland, NJ
Then in Selbyville, DE
Now in Georgetown, DE

For Fun: Outside of the classroom and away from the computer, I try to get outside as much as possible. I love kayaking, running, hiking, skiing, biking,…whatever.  I’m really into obstacle racing right now.

mudder smoke

Recovering addiction: Comic book   collecting. At one time I had over  16,000 books. They had to go. So I  kept only my favorite 2,000. Mostly Batman. But Sin City and Sandman are  my other favorites. I still occasionally lurk at comic cons and comic stores.

Want more?  What are you, some kinda glutton for punishment?  Here is an interview with 3 Evil Cousins.  They called me “magnificent,” and it would be rude of me to argue.


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